The APOGEE project plans to create a solution of the gap between the lacks of simple but effective open software platform for easy construction of educational video games by non-IT professional and, on the other side, the needs of huge amount of specialized and customizable video games for education in specific learning domains. The project goal is to create an open software platform for construction of smart and customizable player-centric adaptive 3D video maze games with intelligent virtual players (i.e., smart non-playing characters) and to validate it by practical experiments with construction of game prototypes in the context of Bulgarian medieval history chosen as a socially significant, complex and content-rich teaching domain. The platform will be applied together with a methodology for allowing easy creation of smart adaptive educational video games by non-IT specialists using several innovative features as follows:

  • a metadata-driven approach for maze editing supported by visual construction of the maze graph and declarative game description and semantically structured representation of artifacts;
  • automatic generation of educational mazes using a Unity3D-bazed maze builder;
  • a customizable adaptation control engine applying both physiological measurements and anasysis of face expressions for controlling adaptation of game mechanics, dynamics and audio-visual effects;
  • an intelligent question and answering (Q&A) agent for providing virtual agents with appropriate answers to player questions during game sessions.

APOGEE platform for construction and generation of smart adaptive educational 3D video games


The leaflet of the project is accessible here.