Asenevci (in Bulgarian)

Asenevtsi is a demonstration labyrinth game about the medieval history of Bulgaria, generated by the first prototype of the APOGEE software platform for creating serious games for education.
The labyrinth has 4 halls: 1. Introductory; 2. Rebellion of Peter and Assen; 3. Tsar Kaloyan; 4. Tsar Ivan Assen II. To get to the last hall, you have to go through the other three halls, solving the tasks in the halls and answering the questions for unlocking the doors. The game ends after all objects hidden in the halls are found.

The game can be played in two ways:
1) in a Firefox or a Google Chrome browser with installed Unity Web Player Plugin (from, to play in a browser) - go to the page of the Asenevtsi game (you need to wait for downloading of 42 megabytes) and play one or more games to the end;
2) locally with the desktop version of the game - a ZIP archive with a desktop version of the game can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy the play!