• Bontchev, B., Georgieva, O. (2018) Playing style recognition through an adaptive video game, Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 82, May 2018, pp.136-147, (IF=4.252).
  • Bontchev, B., Vassileva, D., Ivanov, D. Player-centric adaptation of a car driving video game, Proc. of e-Society’18 Int. Conf., 14-16 April, Lisbon, Portugal, IADIS, 2018.
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Public results received under the First stage of the project (December 2017 - May 2019).


Type: R = Report, A = Publication, E = Events, O = Other, S = Software application
Access: P – Public, I – Internal, L – Limited to the project stakeholders
Result WP Month Type Access Qty
Comparative analyses of SOTA in adaptive player-centric video games
with intelligent agents for education purposes, game construction platforms,
and methods and techniques of gaming based learning
WP1 04 R P 1
Analysis of needs of target users of educational video games WP1 06 R P 1
Analysis of needs of target users of platforms for construction
of educational video games
WP1 08 R P 1
Declarative model of educational maze games with semantic
structuring of game and didactic content
WP2 15 R P 1
Model of gameplay and players interactions in video games for education WP2 16 R P 1
Proactive GBL scenarios and game didactic tasks WP2 16 R P 1
Detailed Dissemination Plan (DDP) WP7 03 R L 1
Project Web site (with links to any e-resource incl. archives of reports and results), logo and leaflet - in (на English and Bulgarian. език) WP7 06 O P 1/1/1
Detailed project management plan (PMP) WP8 01 R I 1